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Recap of Bewitched

I am about to post chapter 28 of Bewitched, so I thought I should do a recap post, because there's no way anyone can remember what happened after the longer than planned hiatus.

I'm sorry I had to take such a long break, but I have finally learnt my lesson - November and December are too busy on too many fronts for me to do anything extra and that includes writing. This autumn has been the most stress light I can remember, at least since before I started doing tamingthemuse in 2006. *g* I've also read an awful lot of Merlin fic, which is about all I am reading these days (apart from a few BtVS WIPs that I am (slowly) following/will continue to follow, because they are that good).

On the plus side, I decided to finish the story before posting again, so I could be certain the rest of it would be posted to schedule.

So... There are 37 chapters in total and although the later ones still need polishing, I can now be pretty certain posting will be regular.

It all started when Spike was in the wheelchair and Xander got Amy to do a spell for him. Dru decided that she wanted to give her childe a present, so she added a few elements to Amy's spell. Amy, unfortunately, didn't survive long as a result.

So Xander and Spike ended up in a Jacuzzi in the Sunnydale Hilton and all was well until Giles broke the spell and Xander freaked and Spike was left stuck on the bed with his wheelchair out of reach.

Unfortunately, there was more to the spell than that. It was an onion shaped spell and the consequences continued to consequence and Larry started pursuing Xander.

Then Angelus stole Acathla from the museum and Dru got scared. In order to keep Spike in line, she took his memories of Xander. Shame Xander didn't know about that, he'd have had a clue how to react to the unpredictable vampire who, as far as he could tell, was simply being unpredictable.

Part 1 ends as season 2 ended.

So a year goes by and the girls and Oz are at UC Sunnydale, Giles is an unemployed librarian and Xander is delivering pizzas (bearing in mind, this is Sunnydale, so he gets hazard pay, which means he can afford a place of his own). Dru remembers what she did to Spike's memory and undoes it. Spike goes wtf??!!! and hares it back to Sunnydale to find Xander (and the Gem of Amara). He's surprised when he sees Xander that he doesn't feel an instant flare of attraction, but then, he doesn't know that Giles removed the last of the original spell while he was memory impaired.

But that's not going to stop a vampire like Spike. He's relentless (Angel said so, so it must be true). Plus, he's left Dru for good. So, he's going to get Xander, regardless of what he feels and Xander thinks.

On the other hand, the Initiative could get him. And they do.

Xander doesn't know that, of course, so he's still being confused (and scared) by Spike's behaviour (the bits he knows about).

After days (or maybe weeks) of being a lab rat, Spike escapes and makes it to Giles' place where he finds Xander with syphilis and gets tied up.

Oh yeah, and Oz has left town in search of a cure.

Chapter 28 continues from there, or, more accurately, from the aftermath of there.

I have also gone back through what was already posted and caught a few more typos, corrected the possessive apostrophe on Giles' name and other such stuff. Nothing major. I would be grateful to anyone who points out any others I have still missed.

I'll be posting weekly, on Saturdays, my time. I hope you enjoy the conclusion.

On to chapter 28

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